goodburps has a line on a new option in Chelsea: the Thai-Vietnamese sit-down dinners at the aptly named Fusion Foods. Long a takeout joint, Fusion recently opened up a dining room upstairs, and is cranking out good stuff. The new space, according to goodburps, has cocoa walls and black tables, plus unobtrusive background music. The food is an interesting pan-Asian mix.

Things started off with cold summer rolls with mint and basil and hoisin dipping sauce. goodburps’ companion had fresh, moist salmon in cilantro-grape-soy sauce with lettuce and brown rice. goodburps had “Coco Curry,” which turned out to be a zippy curry sauce over flat rice noodles, juicy shrimp, and sprouts, topped with peanuts and fresh mint. The waiter also brought over a side of spicy nuoc mom (dipping sauce) for further embellishment.

Dinner for two with a split appetizer was $43.

Fusion Foods [North Shore]
11 Everett Avenue, Chelsea

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