Seon Buk Dong cooks up Korean comfort food, emphasis on the fermented and the braised. “It’s the type of food that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy,” says sku.

Grilled mackerel with bean paste soup is a stew served in a large metal bowl. The mackerel is cut into steaks and cooked with year-old kimchee. “The strong taste of mackerel and its somewhat oily texture works well against the funk of the aged kimchi. The best part, though, is the rich red broth that you slurp up from the bottom of the pot; it’s more than a soup, a kimchee jus,” says sku.

“The funk continues with spiced pork and bean paste casserole,” says sku. The barbecued pork is decent, but the bean paste casserole is a standout, the salty, thick, and rich essence of doenjang (fermented soy bean paste), says sku. The best dish, though, is the spectacular steamed beef short rib: braised short rib in rich jus. “The sweet, beefy stock encases the soft rib meat in a way that shouts that this is comfort food, rich and warm and so good that when the beef is done, you drink the sauce by the spoonful,” says sku.

Seon Buk Dong [Koreatown]
3303 W. Sixth Street, Los Angeles

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