A wave of Japanese ramen shops began hitting town a couple of years ago, and it hasn’t petered out yet.

Terakawa Ramen, which opened last month, brews an authentically rich and meaty tonkotsu base, the long-cooked pork-bone soup from Kyushu, E Eto reports. The signature dish, listed on the menu as “Terakawa ramen,” “lives up to versions I’ve enjoyed in Japan, as well as its local competitors like Ippudo or Minca,” he says. Add chile oil or bits of dried garlic if you like.

Terakawa, an outpost of a chainlet from Kumamoto, also serves ramen in shoyu or miso broths, and offers combinations of ramen with gyoza or chahan (fried rice); E Eto, unmoved by the sides, suggests sticking with straight ramen.

Terakawa Ramen [Gramercy]
18 Lexington Avenue (between E. 22nd and 23rd streets), Manhattan

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