In a town suddenly swamped in Vietnamese-style sandwiches, Korean restaurant Seoul Station “poses a significant threat to banh mi dominance,” guttergourmet suggests. He’s sold on the Seoul Sandwich with spicy pork, egg, shiitake, carrot, zucchini, spinach, and sweet pickled radish in a good toasted roll (other filling choices are beef bulgogi, chicken, and bean curd).

Six-month-old Seoul Station (possibly looking west to the Kogi truck, a Korean-Mexican mash-up that has laid-back Angelenos raving) also makes tacos with Korean-style grilled beef or spicy pork on corn tortillas. mashpee is a fan: “This place is not aiming for authenticity in any way, but I think it’s a good snack option.”

Seoul Station [East Village]
81 St. Marks Place (between First and Second avenues), Manhattan

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