Vacation scheme idea! Teo Musso, Italy’s most talented craft brewer, has a little hotel in the Piedmont region that looks like the perfect exotic getaway for beer-lovers. Attached to the Baladin brewery, which produces interesting ales like Nora (brewed with kamut grain), Casa Baladin has its own Turkish bath, restaurant, and live world-music shows, and each room is decorated in a different theme (psychedelic, Zen, Moroccan). Musso, who has been called the Jim Morrison of brewing because of his rugged good looks and eccentric brewing practices (he puts headphones on his fermenting vessels so the yeast can rock out), furnished Casa Baladin with antiques he collected in North Africa.

Besides making delicious beers—which are just beginning to be recognized here in the States by beer bars and beer-focused restaurants like Beer Table in Brooklyn—Musso also makes chocolate and beer jellies, and has a huge collection of teas. Hookah on premises unconfirmed.

Image source: Casa Baladin

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