Overheard on the New York Boards

"Started with the roasted cauliflower soup, which was delicious, and the cardoons (!), which were lightly breaded. My father's tri-tip steak was cooked to perfection, and mom's branzino was so beautifully presented—first the whole fish, baked and packed in sea salt, then cleaned and served with roasted winter vegetables. My black linguine with frutti di mare was also delicious. ... And BYO—what's not to like?" – piattoparla on Lilla Café in Brooklyn

"I just had a life-altering experience. I very rarely order eggplant parm as I favor veal and chicken. Well, I'm going vegetarian after trying Torrisi Italian Specialties' eggplant parm, which is better than any veal I've tasted!" – guttergourmet

"Just finished off a lox & cream cheese on a mini poppy seed bagel @ $3.25. Life is good. There is a reason the line goes out the door on most days." – johnk on Utopia Bagels in Queens

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