“Bloomberg might have a stroke if he sees this.”

No offense to Mr. Mayor, but that’s our favorite quote from the Sunnyside Post, about the name of the new local restaurant Salt & Fat. It’s probably true that the anti-salt Bloomberg would look askance at the place.

Certainly the name of the place will be an alarm for those who are, er, “being good,” but for the rest of us it’s an invitation! Time Out brought the news that Salt & Fat’s New American cuisine would be served up by Daniel Yi, who formerly cooked at the Monkey Bar. But Chowhounds deliver welcome details about the food.

mgmcewen stopped by on opening night—last Friday—and enjoyed branzino with crisp skin cooked in bacon fat, a yuzu-buttermilk sorbet and lychee panna cotta, and the fact that “you got bacon popcorn instead of bread.” The one complaint? Some not-so-spectacular speck in a yellowtail salad. The restaurant reminded the hound of Williamsburg’s Traif, home of some popular bacon doughnuts.

Salt & Fat [Sunnyside]
41-16 Queens Boulevard, Queens

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