Hash is the kind of dish that manages to be good even when it’s made with that canned corned beef that looks like cat food—and it’s particularly good with duck meat. Spotted at the Girl & the Fig in Sonoma, California, made with chunky pieces of duck and topped with poached eggs and bacon; at Coquette in Philly using duck confit and served with fried eggs; making an appearance on the specials board at Harry’s Roadhouse in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where it’s been served Cajun style with andouille sausage (we called and they said it might be around this weekend); and at Seattle’s fancy Veil made with yellow potatoes and caramelized onions. Hash is also supereasy to make at home—check out this easy recipe that uses a whole roasted duck from an Asian market, or browse CHOW’s hash recipes.

Good news: Corned beef hash is still in despite its competition.

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Image source: Flickr member miss karen under Creative Commons

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