Taking direction from a San Jose Mercury News report on the best Bay Area milk shakes, local enthusiasts identify their favorites.

The chocolate-banana shake at Rico’s Diner was abstractpoet‘s ideal, but after that restaurant’s downhill reports, the recommendation is a cautious one.

An extra-thick chocolate malt at Peninsula Creamery hits the spot for winkingchef. Calling out the “Shakin’ Jesse”—Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe’s chocolate Guinness shake—primetonal says, “The bitterness and carbonation of the beer is an extremely good foil for the other components.”

Another recent thread about hamburgers and milk shakes in San Francisco supplied recommendations for a salted caramel shake at Roam Artisan Burgers and a “Dreamsicle” (vanilla and orange sherbet) at St. Francis Fountain.

Rico’s Diner [East Bay]
400 15th Street, Oakland

Peninsula Creamery [Peninsula]
900 High Street, Palo Alto

Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe [East Bay]
4081 Hollis Street, Emeryville

Roam Artisan Burgers [Cow Hollow]
1785 Union Street, San Francisco

St. Francis Fountain [Mission District]
2801 24th Street, San Francisco

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