As I was packing my lunch this morning, I went through a common dilemma. I was bringing two food items (in this case, nuts and pickles) that couldn’t co-exist in the same bag. The San Franciscan in me yelled out, “Don’t waste plastic! You should be wrapping your food in leaves.”

Out of guilt, I ended up only bringing the nuts. And, with each bite of my disappointing snack, I swore I would come up with a better solution—and I did.

I call it the Compart-Loc (patent pending). Even though this rudimentary prototype was constructed by burning the plastic with an iron, I’m calling you out Ziploc. Make this product, and make many others’ lives easier.

Obviously the problem with this design from a business perspective is that you’ll sell fewer bags. But can’t we look past numbers for a moment? (Actually it would just be better if Ziploc made a sturdy, well-designed, easy-to-clean, reusable bag. But that wouldn’t have made such a good photo.)

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