Tempeh, cakes of fermented soybeans, can be, like other soy products, an acquired taste. But tempeh fans have favorite recipes to recommend, seasoned in a variety of ways.

mollyomormon crumbles tempeh, seasons with taco seasoning, and sautés with onions and red and yellow peppers, “sort of like a ground beef fajita.” She also likes this tempeh curry.

jenspeed‘s favorite is tempeh strips in a smoky molasses marinade, and jennymoon loves this orange pan-glazed tempeh. If you’re a fan of spicy foods, try this recipe, which “has a nice number of veggies and other good things,” says Breezychow, or sweet, spicy, sticky tempeh, a favorite of will47.

“I slice it 1/4 inches thick or thinner, soak it in soy sauce for ten minutes or so, then fry it until it’s browned and getting toward crisp,” says heidipie. “It has a bacon-y effect. Dee-lish.” “Add a bit of brewer’s yeast and it really takes on a savory, smoky bacon flavor,” says andtheodor.

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