j8715 loves the lowly meatloaf sandwich, especially cold. It’s a dish you don’t see offered too often in restaurants. “I prefer mayo as a dressing,” says j8715. “Copious amounts of horseradish is also good. Mesclun is favored over crunchier lettuce, but I haven’t completely discredited them as the mayo is a bit heavy with the delicate greens. Arugula would also be good. I like a wheat bread, rye or sourdough would also be acceptable choices. White bread would not be unheard of. A touch of thinly sliced onions or shallots can be good but sometimes bother my throat. Cheese is not needed in this sandwich.”

“Cooking the meatloaf like a pâté is the trick to taking your meatloaf sandwich to the next level by the way,” adds j8715. “This might seem insane because you miss out on the end pieces and having a glaze. At that point is it even a meatloaf?” 512window counters, “I disagree violently with the OP’s contention that you want to make pate-like meatloaf for sandwiches. That stuff is like cat food. Meatloaf should be a little crumbly.”

“Cold, with tomato, onion, yellow mustard and mayo on rye bread,” says LeoLioness. “This is one of the few childhood favorites that stands up today with zero embellishment needed.” dave_c likes “Cold meatloaf, mayo, mustard, shredded lettuce, a few strands of very thinly sliced onions, salt and pepper… on toasted sourdough.”

“Give me mine room temp., please, with hot ketchup, mayo, romaine, and a few thin slices of that loaf, on some really good white bread, or oatnut bread,” says mamachef. “I’ll have two, please.”

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