luckyfatima has tried camel milk and can dispel the mystery. “Of course, what the milk tastes like is contingent on what the animal has been eating,” she says. “But it has this musky taste, almost like the barnyard-like smell of fresh white peppercorns. I find goat’s milk to be too gamey in the same way, although for me goat’s milk is stronger tasting than camel’s milk. But if you like goat milk, you may like camel milk. Lots of people love camel’s milk.”

“I had it in Dubai—’it’s camelicious!'” says woodleyparkhound. “But seriously, I was excited to try it, just for the sake of trying it, but I didn’t really care for it. If I lived in Dubai, I doubt that I would buy much of it.”

Discuss: Anyone try Camel milk yet?

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