Farro is a relative of wheat that is common in Italy. It’s usually sold in a semi-pearled form, says Zeldog, in which its husk is mostly but not fully milled away, so it cooks more quickly but retains some of the nuttiness of the whole grain. Chowhounds use farro in soups and salads as they would barley, wheat berries, or rice. EvZE thinks it’s very versatile. “Think of it like pasta,” he says. “You can have it hot, cold, in a salad, in soup, with beans, meat, side dish, main dish, etc.”

Hounds love farro salads. EvZE mixes farro with rice (cooked separately), chopped tomatoes, cucumber, green onion, and a vinaigrette dressing made from 3 parts olive oil to 1 part sherry vinegar, plus salt and pepper. Stuffed Monkey likes farro with dried cranberries, pecans, and a simple red wine vinegar and oil dressing containing a touch of Boyajian orange oil. Other favorite recipes include warm farro salad with roasted vegetables and fontina cheese and farro salad in grilled portobellos.

Another popular preparation is farotto, which is farro cooked risotto-style. Just substitute farro for the rice in your favorite risotto recipe, recommends C. Hamster. MSK is a fan of Farro Risotto with Asparagus and Fava Beans.

For breakfast, try CHOW’s Coconut Farro Porridge with Mango.

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