Pikaichi is rising from the flames of the old, very much missed Ken Ramen. The original owner of Cafe Mami has reportedly bought Ken’s recipes. And indeed, Pikaichi is serving ramen! That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the ramen isn’t quite up to Ken’s level. another_adam sums it up thusly: “a very generous portion, with some of the salty richness of Ken’s Sapporo miso ramen, but not the same balance and depth of flavor. It seemed rather more oily than Ken’s, actually, so that by the end, it was getting a bit too fatty/rich (‘gamey’ is the sensation that comes to mind?). The hard boiled egg was really nicely cooked, though, and the noodles were also at the right amount of doneness.”

Give it time, counsels gourmaniac. “The broth is complex and hard to get right and it’s promising that the noodles were cooked right.”

Pikaichi [Allston]
1 Brighton Avenue, Boston

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