Oh, snap, Jenny Ondioline! The new Roast Beast is “better than Kelly’s to the same degree that Regina is better than Pizza Hut.”

Yes, Roast Beast is piling up some mighty fine roast beef on some very good rolls, and putting delicious things on it. You’d better be in the mood for roast beef, because that’s all there is, besides a few sacks of Utz chips and drinks. Reportedly there will also soon be a deep-fryer. Regardless, the sandwiches are extra-good, great big beautiful things with chips and sweet-hot pickles for $8.50 (small sandwich for $6). Solid! You get your choice of sauce and roll, lightly buttered and grilled.

“The guy preparing the sandwiches gave me some of the delicious sweet-hot pickles, some extra beast sauce, and a side of hot pepper relish,” says kimfair1. “The relish gave the sandwich a really nice bite.”

“I must admit that I have not been to many of the legendary roast beef places (i.e. Nick’s etc.) but I can’t imagine a roast beef sandwich tasting any better,” raves Gordough. “I went with the onion roll which was lightly grilled and added the beast sauce which was very good.”

Roast Beast [Allston]
1080 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

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