Pasha Turkish Cuisine is so new that it doesn’t even have a website up, but according to litchick this “cute little joint” is already packed.

Here’s what to order:

• Homemade bread, which comes with dips: olive oil, a garlicky relish, and a creamy spread with yogurt, sour cream, walnut, and garlic
• Zucchini fritters, with garlic yogurt sauce
• Grilled lamb kebabs, served on salad greens
• Anchovies in a cast iron pan with mixed vegetables in a spicy tomato sauce

“Everything was very fresh,” says PinchOfSalt who loved the “textures and bright flavors,” and the tab, which was only $25 including tip for lunch for two.

litchick says the staff are “friendly but a little overwhelmed right now. Considering they’ve only been open six days and have been slammed, I’d give them multiple thumbs up for handling it with grace and a smile.”

Pasha Turkish Cuisine [Arlington]
669-A Massachusetts Avenue, Arlington

Board Link: New Arlington Chow Find: Pasha Turkish Cuisine

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