Venerable Wayland drinking spot The Dudley Chateau is open again, and will soon be serving a full bar menu.

The conditions for reopening this previously troubled bar included hiring new management and renovating the kitchen so it can serve food, says pondrat. This marks a change from the old days when the menu basically consisted of Slim Jims and chips, “and some nights not even that.” There will be eight microbrew-ish beers on tap, a good bottle selection, Wi-Fi, new plasma televisions, and, most of all, vintage atmosphere.

“Despite the new family friendly attitude, the character of the Chat remains the same. This still a small local neighborhood drinking establishment with the look and feel of a fisherman’s hangout,” says pondrat. “And the place is still an ‘everyman bar’ where tradesmen, tech geeks, soccer moms and hedge fund managers can blend together to watch the Sox and debate politics … all on equal footing.”

Harp00n agrees: “In an age of cookie-cutter restaurants and bars some of us would like to maintain a few watering holes that haven’t been yuppified to screamingly monotonous sameness.”

The Dudley Chateau [Wayland]
20 Crest Road, Wayland

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