Chef Ryan Farr is popular in San Francisco for his chicharrones (a.k.a. pork cracklings): spicy, crunchy, melt-in-your-molars fatty goodness, made from rendered pig skin. They’re sold at bars and shops around town. Outside SF you can’t get them yet, but you can get one of his limited-edition letterpress posters celebrating chicharrones as a pop-culture phenomenon. They’re produced by the venerable Nashville-based Americana poster shop Hatch Show Print (in biz since 1879!). The poster shown here, titled “Porkalicious,” is the first in a three-poster chicharrones series, each hand-printed on heavy paper suitable for framing, numbered, and signed by Farr. They are also individually marked by Farr’s thumbprint, in lard, which just adds to the, well, unique nature of this product.

Porkalicious Poster (email to purchase), $26 plus shipping and handling

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