Passover is only a few weeks away, which means many of our thoughts turn toward matzo ball soup and other Seder staples. For some of us, of course, matzo ball soup is crave-worthy any time of year, and to that end a happy thread about an old-school, Bronx-based Jewish deli has cropped up. Hound iluvcookies has inquired whether Riverdale’s Liebman’s Deli is worth the trip from Westchester.

She’s gotten an emphatic “it’s great!” from martinkleinman, and johnindabronx says its matzo ball soup “may be the best around.” The Westchester hound took the bait, drove to Riverdale, ate the matzo ball soup, and proclaimed it “not mushy at all,” and found “crunchy and fresh” pickles and “tender and flavorful” pastrami to boot! She “topped it all off with a chocolate babka from the neighboring Mother’s Bake Shop.”

Thanks to all the hounds who chimed in! This is Chowhound at its best and most generous.

Liebman’s Deli [Riverdale]
552 W. 235th Street, Bronx

Mother’s Bake Shop [Riverdale]
548 W. 235th Street, Bronx

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