Chicago hound incoming!

I 8 IT will be spending a week in Manhattan this April “to celebrate 2 new jobs, a new marriage, and our gluttonous love for everything food related.” Nice!

“Cost isn’t much of an issue,” he reports. Even better!

The Chicago couple is eyeing Per Se, Eleven Madison Park, Morimoto, WD-50, and Momofuku Ko, and they prefer tasting menus whenever possible. But they’re not fans of stuffy service—Alinea’s six-server-team-per-table setup apparently felt “overbearing.” Fellow hounds are all over this one, with gutsofsteel recommending 15 East over Morimoto, and debating peter j about the merits of Corton versus Café Boulud. If you’re in the market for a fancy meal yourself or have tips to contribute, it’s a thread worth checking out.

Per Se [Columbus Circle]
10 Columbus Circle, Manhattan

Eleven Madison Park [Flatiron]
11 Madison Avenue, Manhattan

Morimoto [Flatiron]
88 10th Avenue, Manhattan

WD-50 [Lower East Side]
50 Clinton Street, Manhattan

Momofuku Ko [East Village]
163 First Avenue, Manhattan

15 East [Flatiron]
15 E. 15th Street, Manhattan

Corton [Tribeca]
239 W. Broadway, Manhattan

Café Boulud [Upper East Side]
20 E. 76th Street, Manhattan

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