In a column that depressingly reflects our current economic woes, Mark Bittman used his New York Times column “Bitten” to reflect this week on healthy food that’s cheaper than junk food, using his forum to plug Cook for Good, an online subsistence meal plan for those who can cook at home and might be shopping with food stamps.

Something nice about Cook for Good’s plan that I’ve never seen before: There’s a “green” plan that emphasizes organic/sustainably raised ingredients that’ll run you $1.67 a meal, as well as a cheaper plan that feeds you for $1.16 a meal. Either way there are shopping lists, menu plans, recipes, and instructions on cooking a whole bunch of things at once and parsing them out throughout the week. The recipes are a cut above those on your typical “eat for less” sites too, which tend to rely heavily on ground beef. The Cook for Good recipes are vegetarian, pasta- and bean-filled, and emphasize squeezing the most out of the foods you buy. For example, this asparagus custard uses discarded asparagus ends to make a flavorful side dish.

Image source: Flickr member clementine gallot under Creative Commons

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