Chatting with one of the valets at Benu, vulber heard that the restaurant sells burritos outside at 11 p.m. on Saturday nights. L C says that the story had been that the chef allowed his Mexican prep cooks to make street food out of the leftovers that would otherwise be thrown away … but like a cryogenically frozen Walt Disney and Richard Gere’s pet gerbil, this rumor is too deliciously strange to be true. L C searched for a burrito one Saturday evening and found only a closed-down kitchen and the chef meeting with his staff.

Keesey, however, says the arrangement is impromptu, so if you’re able to find a Benu burrito, it’ll be by luck rather than planning. SF Weekly‘s blog provides photo evidence of a short rib burrito.

Anyone tried one?

Benu [SOMA]
22 Hawthorne Street, San Francisco

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