The Mystery of the Benu Burrito

Chatting with one of the valets at Benu, vulber heard that the restaurant sells burritos outside at 11 p.m. on Saturday nights. L C says that the story had been that the chef allowed his Mexican prep cooks to make street food out of the leftovers that would otherwise be thrown away ... but like a cryogenically frozen Walt Disney and Richard Gere's pet gerbil, this rumor is too deliciously strange to be true. L C searched for a burrito one Saturday evening and found only a closed-down kitchen and the chef meeting with his staff.

Keesey, however, says the arrangement is impromptu, so if you're able to find a Benu burrito, it'll be by luck rather than planning. SF Weekly's blog provides photo evidence of a short rib burrito.

Anyone tried one?

Benu [SOMA]
22 Hawthorne Street, San Francisco

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