Just because eating fresh, local food is all the rage these days doesn’t mean our desire for out-of-season produce has disappeared completely. Not surprising then, that home canning is back in style.

The New York Times says urbanites are doin’ it, while a series of home-canning work parties called Yes, We Can debuted in San Francisco. And even packaged food companies realize the chicness of homemade stuff. The strawberry jam and chutney for sale on Jamie Oliver’s website have a totally DIY vibe with handwritten labels.

So you’d best take a look at CHOW’s canning tutorial, find something to can, and get crackin’. If you don’t grow anything of your own, then you might want to follow the example of our etiquette columnist, who scored fruit by posting a request on Craigslist. Or, if you live in LA, you can check out one of Fallen Fruit’s maps, and ransack a tree near you.

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