The chowhounds have run down lots of tried and true brands, and also suggested a few that may be news to even confirmed chip lovers.

Chips cooked in lard are definitely a favorite. One favorite lard chip is Grandma Utz’s Handcooked Chips. Note that not all Utz chips use lard. Read some info here.

Gibbles are cooked in lard, too. “Nibble with Gibbles” is another Pennsylvania favorite.

Kettle Chips offers a number of good flavors, including Spicy Thai, Sea Salt and Vinegar, and Lightly Salted with Black Pepper. Dommy notes that the “Cheddar and Beer” flavor has little actual cheddar or beer flavor.

Zapp’s Chips come in a large variety, including Cajun and Creole flavors reflecting the company’s Louisiana heritage. They make unsalted chips, too.

Cape Cod chips has its followers, and they’ve added a couple of new chip flavors: Jalapeno and Aged Cheddar (which packs some heat) and Fresh Garden Herb (a reduced fat chip).

Charles Chips (remember those big tins?) are still around. They’re a nicely balanced chip, not too salty and just crisp enough. You can’t find them everywhere, but you can order them, tin and all, online.

Solea Olive Oil chips come flavored with rosemary or garlic. They’ve got great flavor and are super crisp, reports Robert Lauriston. Amazon sells them.

Better Made Chips out of Detroit are a nostalgic favorite, and they’re still available!

Terra Red Bliss (Garlic & Parmesan flavor) are substantial chips. They’re thicker, with a hefty crunch, and they’re really cheesy and garlicky, reports yumyuminmytumtum.

Plain sea salt Madhouse Munchies are great, hounds agree!

Ellen says that Route 11 chips are hard to find outside Virginia, but well worth ordering online>. Try the salt and vinegar, garlic and herb, and sweet potato flavors.

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