Overheard on the San Francisco Bay Area Board

"I've become a regular at Luca Cucina Italiana, where a bowl of polenta soup goes for $3.50. They start with a beautiful tomato sauce, add the polenta, and top it with a slice of mozzarella." – TopoTail on the best $3.50 lunch in Berkeley

"Straight, unvarnished rhubarb, in its naturally tart, refreshing brilliance unadorned by other fruits, and just barely sweetened. The very tender, almost crumbly, flaky golden crust matched the excellence of the rhubarb filling." – Melanie Wong on Petaluma Pie Company

"Tell you what: Let me know where you are and I'll come by, pick it up, and dispose of it properly for you." – Gustavo Glenmorangie on how to replace a Shun classic santoku knife that is, according to the original poster, "wearing out"

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