Similar to peaches, rhubarb has a striking, unmatched flavor and an achingly short season. So in springtime when it’s ripe, those who love it gorge on it. As well as old standbys like strawberry-rhubarb pie and rhubarb crisp, hounds find ways to use rhubarb in ways both savory and sweet.

Rhubarb is of course a classic dessert ingredient. Candy is crazy for millefoglie with grappa cream and rhubarb, an Italian version of the classic French pastry mille-feuille. Other hounds make upside-down cakes with rhubarb instead of pineapple, or rhubarb custard pies without a strawberry in sight.

On the savory side, todao uses rhubarb in a rhubarb-garlic quick bread that is reportedly “heavenly” toasted for sandwiches, and kaaris loves this stuffed butternut squash, with rhubarb and Italian sausage.

Rhubarb makes wonderful drinks too: “Rhubarb syrup + Pellegrino = a refreshing soda not unlike a natural, homemade Ting!” says kattyeyes. Here’s a rhubarb syrup recipe that includes rosewater, a common rhubarb pairing in some parts of the world, or berbadeerface just makes it with a quart of water and a cup of sugar for each pound of rhubarb. Bring to a boil, simmer for an hour, strain, chill, and mix with vodka.

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