Cheese on pastrami is kind of like corn on pizza, asserts Mr Taster: “Many people do it. It might even taste good. But is it right?” The fact that pastrami has roots in kosher Jewish cuisine makes adding cheese seem a little bit dirty. Of course, what is normal and what is disgusting on a particular dish varies hugely by region. “Recently we got some Vito’s pizza for a friend visiting from Vietnam, and she insisted on putting ketchup on it,” says Mr Taster. “She wouldn’t even taste it without the ketchup!”

How about corn on pizza? It’s a fairly common topping in Asia. “Roasted corn on certain pizzas is ok, but I would not call it a ‘pizza’ anymore,” says stricken. linguafood delivered pizza in college and loved a pie that was half corn, onion, and tuna, and half ham, mushrooms, and spinach. “In Germany, pizza deliveries will not shy away from putting asparagus, speck, and hollandaise, or ground beef, bbq sauce, and beans on pizza. Ugh. Think Chinese chop suey pizza,” linguafood says. A popular pizza available from Domino’s in Tokyo is the Mayo Jaga: mayonnaise, potato, crispy bacon, paprika, onion, and corn. “And the mayonnaise was always in the criss-cross pattern,” says valerie. Wrong or not, eat whatever you like—even pastrami pizza!

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