Clover Food Truck, the raved-over organic/fresh/mostly vegetarian food truck at MIT, is trying out a new email ordering system that should help those discouraged to find the truck occasionally sold out of various items. As Clover’s blog details, customers can email, specify what they want and a pickup time, and then go get the food that’s been specially held for them.

And what food! “The rosemary fries are delicious and the chickpea fritter sandwich has a great mix of cukes, tomatoes, hummus, pickles and cabbage tucked in with the crispy hot falafel-like fritters. I think I tasted some coriander seed in there too. Really yummy,” says yumyum.

Clover’s blog also goes into greater detail about the chain of fast-food restaurants that the truck’s owners plan to launch; “this was a pre-launch experiment,” says wilbanks.

Clover Food Truck [Cambridge]
Carleton Street at Amherst Street on the MIT campus, Cambridge
No phone available

Board Link: Clover Food Lab

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