It’s heating up out there, and hound jessenatha is craving ice cream that’s “spicy, herby, salty or otherwise unusual.”

Try Christina’s, say the fans of its offbeat flavors, which “tend toward spices and seasonal floral,” says Bob Dobalina, who once had a Champagne sorbet there in which “I swear I could taste the tiny bubbles.” Christina’s also has cardamom ice cream, and used to have (ugh) clam chowder.

The Jamaica Plain branch of J.P. Licks usually has a couple of oddball flavors too, including pad Thai, wasabi, and a chocolate-chile that Prav says had a “tingly afterburn.”

Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream [Cambridge]
1255 Cambridge Street, Cambridge

J.P. Licks Homemade Ice Cream Cafe [Jamaica Plain]
659 Centre Street, Boston

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