Hunanese chow—rustic, robust, and rare in New York—has surfaced in Flushing at four-month-old Hunan House, and hounds love just about everything they’ve tried there.

Joe MacBu, diving in headfirst, went for the mashed-pepper fish head, which everyone else also seemed to be ordering. It was stellar, he says: tender steamed meat on big chunks of hacked-up skull, covered with chopped pickled chiles, and served in ruddy broth. Mashed peppers with tofu (thin-sliced smoked bean curd crowned with warm chopped chiles) “just rocked,” raves PAL. Shell-on shrimp is another winner, nicely cooked and seasoned with a cumin-chile paste, 2slices reports.

Pan, who discerns an Indian masala-like complexity in this kitchen’s spicing, recommends cumin-scented Hunan-style sliced fish, lamb with chile sauce, and tree fungus in vinegar sauce. Other highlights from the long list of hound-endorsed dishes include shredded duck with ginger; stir-fried smoky pork with leeks; green vegetable (kong xin cai, or water spinach) in spicy sauce; cold tongue and tripe marinated in garlic and ginger; and cold, spicy, crunchy pickled cabbage.

“Fantastic,” sums up buttertart, who finds Hunan House well worth the trek from Brooklyn. “I can’t recommend this place highly enough.”

Hunan House [Flushing]
137-40 Northern Boulevard (between Main and Union streets), Flushing, Queens

Board Link: Hunan in North Flushing

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