You’ve had just about everything on the menu at Al Wadi before: falafel, dolmas, kebabs. The kind of solid, familiar food that’s mediocre at all too many places. But the food at Al Wadi is simple, and done right.

Various hounds recommend the kafta kebab, the lentil and rice soup, and the lamb kebabs. skordalia particularly calls out the chicken dishes: “I have to give a shout out to their cook’s ways with chicken—not generally something I order in restaurants but they’re working some poultry magic over there.” Cork agrees: “My favorite is an easy restaurant classic that surprisingly they did very well—Roasted 1/2 chicken and fries with Lebanese pickles!”

gourmaniac tried the $49 prix-fixe-for-two, and despite the fact that “nothing yelled out ‘someone’s Lebanese Grandma is toiling away in the kitchen!'” found the falafel “crisp and soft in appropriate locations” and the baba ghanouj “nicely smoky.” Best was the main dish: “an excellent platter of skewers of lamb and chicken kebabs and kofta on a bed of ethereal rice pilaf that could have been from grandma. The meats were nicely spiced and grilled and very satisfying.”

Al Wadi [West Roxbury]
1249 VFW Parkway, Boston

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