skwid used the El Ojo de Agua Taco Truck as a party caterer. “They showed up right on time and totally rocked (and the tacos were fantastic). They would also do burritos to order and had the agua fresca available. No alcohol though, you will need to provide that.”

Here’s the scoop:

• The truck came out to the house a couple of days in advance to be sure of finding it the day of the event.
• The owners required an advance deposit of about 50 percent of the agreed cost ($700 for 100 people, plus a $200 tip).
• “We picked five different meats for the tacos and everyone could have as many tacos as they wanted … the burritos were supposed to be $7 each on top of the agreed upon cost. A few people ordered burritos but most everyone ordered the tacos. So I don’t believe that the whole menu was available but I think that might be a bit negotiable.”
• The trucks are long, so don’t forget to factor in parking space.

El Ojo de Agua Taco Truck [East Bay]
3132 E. 12th Street, Oakland


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