Tarragon is a leafy herb with a faintly licoricelike flavor that marries well with eggs, chicken, and fish. Try it in chicken salad, or cook pork with tarragon, orange, and honey, recommends mojoeater.

oakjoan makes poulet au vinaigre by browning chicken parts with onion and garlic, then adding white wine vinegar, tarragon, and good stock, and cooking them until done. “Fabulous with crusty bread and a big salad,” she says. Val calls chicken Louisa “a lovely and easy dish” that uses tarragon. And Nigella Lawson’s tarragon chicken is marinated with 3/4 cup of the herb.

You can also make flavorful condiments with tarragon. Make a compound butter, suggests baseballfan: Add tarragon to softened butter, then roll into a log. You can freeze this and cut off portions as needed. It’s delicious on grilled seafood, pasta, and baked potatoes, baseballfan says. Fritter infuses vinegar with tarragon by heating it, then adding the tarragon, taking it off the heat, and letting the tarragon steep until the vinegar cools, then straining.

Karen_Schaffer adds chopped tarragon to green salads for a lovely effect. Channa thinks green goddess dressing is best with lots of tarragon. And check out CHOW’s Shallot-Tarragon Jam.

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