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The Ubiquitous Portland Food Cart Scene

We could only shoot with two carts for our video segment (coming soon!), but there are hundreds of other great carts to eat at in Portland, so we tried to stop at as many as possible along our trip. A few favorites we hit downtown were:

The People’s Pig: A pretty minimalist cart with a short, pork-centric menu on SW Ninth and Alder. The specialty is porchetta (shown left), so we didn’t resist, though the pork Philly Cheese Steak sounded great. The porchetta comes sliced up with chunks of crispy skin thrown in, served on a soft ciabatta-style bread with arugula, but what really makes it is the fresh lemon squeezed onto each sandwich.

Ziba’s Pitas: We didn’t get far from the People’s Pig before eating again—a mere two steps around the corner to Ziba’s Pitas, a cart specializing in Bosnian savory pastries called pitas (left). They are not flatbread, but flaky dough wrapped around fillings like zucchini or spinach and cheese, then baked up crispy. They are served with a side of ajvar (roasted vegetable spread) and cucumber–sour cream salad.

Brunch Box: You can go two ways at this cart serving breakfast sandwiches and burgers—ridiculously over the top or classic. We went with the former and ordered the “youcanhascheeseburger!,” which is a burger served between two Texas toast grilled cheese sandwiches instead of a bun. It is as unnecessary and delicious as it sounds: salty, cheesy, greasy, and tasting kind of like a fast-food burger in a good way (you know you like them).

The People’s Pig
SW Ninth Avenue & Alder Street, Portland
No phone available

Ziba’s Pitas
SW Alder Street & Ninth Avenue, Portland

Brunch Box
SW Fifth Avenue & Stark Street, Portland

Roxanne Webber is a former editor at CHOW.