Grapples are apples infused with grape flavor—specifically, a flavor reminiscent of Grape Bubble Yum, says schrutefarms, who is not a fan. foodiesnorth also objects: “The aroma is so manufactured and unappetizing it should be sold as a diet smell. The last thing I want to do after a whiff of chemogrape is eat! BLECH!”

Grapples are definitely designed to appeal to kids, and they’re most certainly not adult food. “My kids love them, but I can’t get past the smell. Ugh,” says toastnjam.

“I actually think they smell awesome but taste completely weird,” says eatinghabit. “Not disgusting, but just wholly unappetizing.” And danhole thinks they’re worthwhile and has bought them for his grandson. They’re actually very fresh and juicy, he says, and a good size, although they’re more expensive than regular apples.

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