If you think you know rice porridge from visiting Chinese jook joints, think again. The Korean version at Bonjuk is thicker and more risottolike, but just as satisfying, E Eto says.

He recommends the samgetang (chicken with ginseng) and oyster-and-mushroom versions, both served with accompaniments that might include kimchee, pickled radish, spicy seafood sauce, or soy-simmered pork, plus a refreshing, vinegary cold radish soup. ZenFoodist goes for the pleasingly sweet pumpkin porridge. Other choices include abalone, sesame, adzuki bean, mixed seafood, and octopus with kimchee. Many hounds think of congee, if they think of it at all, as bland comfort food meant to fortify sick people; at Bonjuk, E Eto promises, “it’s more than soothing, it makes for a great meal.”

Bonjuk [Flushing]
152-26 Northern Boulevard (between Murray and 153rd streets), Flushing, Queens

Board Link: Bon Juk, Flushing

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