yummyrice says that when it comes to getting khao piak sen (Lao chicken noodle soup) with pork blood cubes, the best cubes are served at Vientian Café in Oakland. The Lao chef “cooks her pork blood cubes differently than most other chefs. Her cubes have a nice, wonderful scent to them … DELICIOUS in the khao piak sen soup.”

rworange ordered the dish at DeDe Thai Noodle and says that “the broth was rich, flavorful and aromatic with fried garlic,” and it was topped with cilantro and “red spicy sauce.” The blood cubes “tasted like chicken organ meat, maybe liver or kidney,” but were enjoyable. “When I make my own chicken soup I leave the giblets in it because I like the slightly bitter taste.”

sfbing also says to try the pork blood cubes in the Vietnamese noodles at Bun Bo Hue An Nam in San Jose. The bowl of noodles there is “beautifully composed, with al dente thick rice noodles, slices of beef shank, pork trotter, gio lua studded with whole black peppercorns, a smidge of tendon, and just 1–2 cubes of pork blood (just enough to make it exciting, not enough to make it gross). Garnished with shaved banana blossom, cabbage, bean sprouts, and lime.” DezzerSF says these blood cubes have “a more pronounced flavor, but still subtle, and cooked more medium-ish.”

Vientian Café [East Bay]
3801 Allendale Avenue, Oakland

DeDe Thai Noodle [East Bay]
12955 San Pablo Avenue, Richmond

Bun Bo Hue An Nam [South Bay]
740 Story Road, San Jose

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