Here’s the headline over at someecards: “Most white trash grocery list in history discovered at Walmart.”

The list itself follows, riddled with spelling and usage errors, and containing items such as “popcikles,” “spegtti and meatballs,” and “1 musturd.” What’s most interesting about the list, however, is the reactions it elicits. It acts like a Rorschach test, allowing viewers to project their own personalities and prejudices onto this misbegotten collection of grocery store needs.

The someecards author comes from the “laugh at the idiots” school of thought: “At the very least, pay close attention to this shopping list found at Walmart so you can learn what foods to avoid if don’t want to become a moron.”

Ha ha, good one. Numerous commenters follow suit, adding stuff like: “Too bad ‘condoms’ didn’t make the cut,” and other gems such as, “How on Earth can they possibly afford this and all the medical expenses associated with diabetes, obesity and mental retardation? It’s inspiring.” And the racial stuff (well, “racist stuff” is probably more accurate) amid the comments would, by itself, serve as a convincing exhibit to change the mind of anyone bold enough to suggest that we live in a blessed, postracism era.

The other side also pushes back: “Wow. This is entirely classist, with a good dose of fatphobia and racism tossed into the comments. Unfollowing, and no longer visiting someecards. You suggest the writers of the list are ignorant, but they’re not the ones spreading prejudice.” Another commenter adds: “The other sad thing is how many people are willing to call the author of this list a name, rather than seeing them as your brother or sister, or fellow American.”

All in all, it’s a pretty fascinating look at the dust a single shopping list can kick up—crude prejudice, noble idealism, poorly realized attempts at humor, and a good bit of tangential speculation as to whether teachers are over- or underpaid.

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