If there was a society for the prevention of cruelty to vegetables, it would be kept busy with reports of vegetable abuse from supermarket produce sections. When people who don’t love vegetables trim them to look nice, they often end up getting rid of the best parts. “When stocking leeks, my local supermarket produce department requires its minions to remove the bottom inch of each one, not just the roots, but the actual white part of the vegetable,” says the_MU. “This exposes the interior to air and causes them to spoil really fast.” Not to mention that the best part of the whole leek is that bottom inch of whiteness, says Kajikit.

milkytea hates it when produce departments keep leafy greens soaking wet with mist. “Wet spinach turns to goo fairly quickly in plastic baggies,” says milkytea. (Gooey spinach, the_MU advises, can be prevented by wrapping greens in paper towels right away.) Other vegetable crimes: beets with missing greens, celery without leaves, waxed fruit, produce packaged in plastic or Styrofoam, over-trimmed asparagus, and scallions with their outer layers removed. Perpetrators of such abuse “should all be reported to the SPCV and sent to veggie love class!” says alwayscooking.

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