When a restaurant location plays host to a couple of bad and/or unsuccessful eateries in a row, it can become hard to break that cycle of failure. Well, the little glass cube in the Financial District’s Post Office Square, formerly occupied by the Milk Street Café and Z Square (which avial says was a “blight”), now has a hound-pleasing spot: Sip Café.

“Although the bar was admittedly set a little low, I’ll say it’s easily the space’s best incarnation to date. Both my drip coffee (they brew Terroir!) and my slice of lemon tea bread were quite good,” says finlero, who subsequently found out that the baked goods are from the well-regarded Maria’s Pastry Shop in the North End, and also got a line on the sandwiches: “Most of the sandwiches are made in advance and refrigerated. The ingredients are good, but I definitely recommend accepting their offer to throw ’em on the panini press.”

Sip Café [Financial District]
0 Post Office Square, Boston

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