Cajun comfort foodatorium Tupelo, which fecalface calls “a cheaper and hipper Hungry Mother,” has been open a little less than a month in Cambridge and positive reports are coming in. “This is a great, chill, middle of the road between fancy and casual place,” says Dreamworks.

Mains are in the $12 to $15 range, appetizers are $5 to $8, and sides are $5. Good stuff: the pork chops, “perfectly done” according to bobot, and served with red beans and rice. Other high notes are the deviled crab with garlic toast points, fried oysters, and the beer-battered crepes, filled with spinach, smoked mozzarella, roasted tomatoes, and fennel.

For dessert, fecalface recommends the “rich” pecan pie, topped with tupelo honey ice cream, while bobot went all gooey over the banana pudding, with homemade vanilla wafers. Order coffee with dessert; it comes in an individual press.

Tupelo [Cambridge]
1193 Cambridge Street, Cambridge

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