Hey, it’s cold out there! How about a cup of cocoa worth the calories?

Burdick’s is the board favorite. “Burdick’s has simply an amazing range, with 6 single origin cocoas, I think. The white hot chocolate isn’t half bad, either, with just the right amount of sweetness,” opines The Food Buster.

nickls had an interesting cup at Voltage. The Midnight Sun is flavored with “cinnamon and capsicum,” according to the menu, and did not taste like chile pepper, as nickls feared. “The flavor was good, not too sweet, quite rich, with subtle cinnamon and no detectable hot pepper. The chocolate flavor was nice, but the richness came more from cream than the chocolate. I’m not sure I would call this ‘the best’ after one try, but it certainly merits more tastings.”

dsackton recommends the cocoa from Flour Bakery + Cafe: “It is not particularly thick (I do love pudding-like hot chocolate) but it is fairly rich and not too sweet. My usual problem with hot chocolate is it can be much too sweet.”

L.A. Burdick Chocolate [Cambridge]
52-D Brattle Street, Cambridge

Voltage Coffee & Art [Cambridge]
295 Third Street, Cambridge

Flour Bakery + Cafe [Fort Point]
12 Farnsworth Street, Boston

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