It’s easy to make a fruity, creamy dessert that tastes a lot like ice cream in minutes. The key is frozen fruit. Put a bag of frozen berries or peaches, sugar to taste, and a little milk or cream in a food processor, pulse it, and you’re done. “OMG! I had almost instant ice cream! It was delicious,” says Sherri.

greygarious keeps sweetened condensed milk in the freezer, and makes single servings by combining a couple of spoonfuls with some frozen fruit, and milk or cream if desired. jeni1002 uses 1 cup frozen mango, 1/2 cup Greek yogurt, 1/4 cup milk, and a bit of cardamom for a tropical treat. For a low-calorie, decadent-tasting version, TrishUntrapped processes together frozen fruit, a packet of alternative sweetener, a couple of tablespoons nonfat dry milk powder, and some ice water.

nemo has a neat trick for making instant sorbet: Freeze cans of fruit in heavy syrup, then open the frozen can and pulse the fruit and its syrup. One advantage to this method is the ability to use fruits not normally available frozen, nemo notes, such as pears.

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