After some recent talk about unusual types of radish, hounds have switched their attention back to uses for regular peppery radishes, which are a great ingredient in much more than green salads. They’re excellent in sandwiches, or on crusty bread spread with butter (or butter mixed with blue cheese). Thinly sliced, they’re a nice garnish for creamy soups.

Try marinating sliced radishes in white vinegar and sugar, or making CHOW’s quick pickled Bread-and-Butter Radishes. The results makes a great condiment or sandwich filling.

Radishes play nice in some unusual vegetable salads, like this radish salad with mint, beloved by DGresh, or Missyme’s preparation of sliced radishes, chopped hard-boiled eggs, plenty of chopped parsley, and a mustardy vinaigrette. JRL mixes sliced radishes, chopped cucumbers, chopped scallions, dill, lemon juice, and salt with yogurt or cottage cheese for a light lunch or snack.

Hounds also like to braise radishes too. scubadoo97 cuts them in half, tosses them with a little butter and some water or stock, and braises. “They turn into little pink delicacies that are tender and mild,” he says.

And don’t forget about those radish greens: carswell likes them puréed in soup with onion, potato, a little carrot, chicken broth, and a splash of cream.

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