manish01 loves the tofu banh mi sandwiches at Bobalicious, and wants to know where the tofu goodness comes from. “It really tastes like meat in texture and flavor,” says manish01 longingly.

galleygirl has the answer: Ba Le Bakery has fine faux chicken and fake roast duck, while Ba Le Cafe has other mock meats made of gluten, tofu, and tofu skin. Both sell containers of it for about $5, and you can also sometimes find the containers in the deli case of New Saigon Sandwich.

Speaking of Bobalicious, if you’re not a vegetarian, word on the street is that the pork banh mi is one of the best in town, and the chicken is pretty good too. But some hounds aren’t so complimentary about the bubble tea: “slushy,” says taterjane.

Bobalicious [Newton]
308 Watertown Street, Newton

Ba Le Bakery [Dorchester]
1025 Dorchester Avenue, Boston

Ba Le Cafe [Dorchester]
1449 Dorchester Avenue, Boston

New Saigon Sandwich [Chinatown]
696 Washington Street, Boston

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