KevinB’s favorite cheap cut of meat is blade steak, with more marbling and more flavor than other similarly cheap steak cuts. “I realize blade will not be as tender as the more expensive cuts (which is one reason I won’t grill it beyond rare), so when I dig in, I tend to cut very thin slices, which both extends the experience and increases the enjoyability,” says KevinB. The key is to cook it only to rare and cut across the grain, says c oliver.

alanbarnes likes tri-tip, also known as bottom sirloin. “It tends to be on the lean side, but has a great beefy flavor,” he says. “Blade is great,” says FoodFuser. “It’s the same muscle (infraspinatus) as the flat iron, just cut differently. Flat iron has the central connective tissue removed.”

Board Link: In Praise of Blade

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