Like Vietnamese, Thai, and other Southeast Asian cuisines, Cambodian food exhibits a “hot/sour/salty/sweet” blend of flavors, with a particular emphasis on sourness that makes for intriguing meals. Hounds who have the fever for the flavor head to Mittapheap in Lynn for its tasty soups, stews, and salads.

Alcachofa was rapturous over the Cambodian sour soup: “First the aroma hits you like, wow, this tremendous scent that you can’t quite place, though it seems a little sour. Then you try the soup and it is even better than anything the aroma let on.”

The prahok ktis, a dip made with ground pork, chiles, and fish sauce, served with steamed vegetables on the side, is another hit. It’s redolent of the fermented, pungent fish sauce used by Cambodian cooks, and resembles a Thai dish, nam prik, which is similarly served with crudités. Alcachofa also calls the beef salad “flat out amazing,” with “well-prepared beef” set off by “fresh fresh” lemongrass, basil, and mint.

Order a bubble shake to go along with your meal: StriperGuy recommends the durian, which he says is “more like a frozen fruit shake” with “boba thrown in for good measure.”

Mittapheap [Lynn]
877 Western Avenue, Lynn

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