Tub’s Fine Chili is aptly named, reports Mattapoisett in LA, with chili that’s well rounded and flavorful. It’s “Flavor City,” says BigWes, the sort of good, filling American food that’s hard to find in Los Angeles. Trust BigWes. He’s a good old Midwestern boy, he says, and he knows pure American food when he tastes it. And this place has “straight off the chuck wagon taste.” His favorites: pulled pork chili, garlic chicken chili, and meaty steak chili.

Even the very nontraditional Cattleman’s Pass—veggie chili with soy meat, vegetables, and beans, served in a toasted pita bowl—is excellent, says MattapoisettinLA.

Tub’s veggie chili base is far better than the other local contenders’, says Dommy. “Although vegetarian, the chili had body and hearty taste … much better than any veggie chili I’ve tried.”

One warning for four-alarm chili fans: You have to add Tub’s “TNT” sauce if you want any heat.

Tub’s Fine Chili [Westside – Inland]
4263 Overland Avenue, Culver City

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