Those who can’t make it down to New Orleans for Fat Tuesday this year can drown their sorrows in fattening sandwiches, according to Lau, who loves the food at Cheeky Sandwiches in the Lower East Side. Although the LES is no NOLA, Lau takes comfort in fried-to-order shrimp-and-oyster po’ boys (also given a thumbs-up by ChiefHDB), chicken on a biscuit, and what sound like some darn fine beignets. The only complaint thus far seems to be portion sizes: $8.50 for a small sandwich has small h feeling a bit sad, so ChiefHDB suggests doubling up your order.

Cheeky’s is reportedly run by a real N’awlins gent who sells Zapp’s potato chips and gets his bread from a New Orleans bakery, so there are some authentic elements afoot, but have you been? What’s good?

Cheeky Sandwiches [Lower East Side]
35 Orchard Street, Manhattan
No phone available

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